About us

OlChemIm was founded in 1991, just after the „Velvet Revolution“ in Czechoslovakia, with the desire to produce the highest quality cytokinins and their immunoreagents, and to provide services to go with them. Over a decade later OlChemIm is an established leader and supplier of plant growth regulators and their immunodiagnostics to world markets. From its facility in Olomouc, Czech Republic, manufactures and markets these products all over the world. Our expertise and support allow us to stay close to you and respond quickly to your needs.

Czechoslovakia has played a prominent and important role in the history of plant growth regulators. The first prominent Czech scientist in experimental plant physiology was professor Bohumil Němec (1873-1966), who discovered that the principle of root geotropism is mediated by the moving starch grains in the root tip. Another important representative of this school was Rudolf Dostál (1885-1973), founder of Czechoslovak Experimental Plant Physiology and Physiology of Plant Hormones. As a consequence of this, attention has been drowning to many aspects of plant growth regulations in several institutions of applied and basic research in Czechoslovakia (now in the Czech Republic). This theoretical base existing for more then hundred years in these institutions led after the “Velvet Revolution” to a stimulus to found a company producing plant growth regulators, their labelled derivatives and antibodies to them. Because of this stimulus, we keep strong contacts to several Czech Research Institutions like Institute of Experimental Botany, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Palacký University, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, etc. We are opened to world-wide co-operations. We invite you to ask us for any compound of phytohormone origin, which you would be willing to use in plant hormone research. Our specialists in the Research and Development Department would be glad to synthesise new derivatives, prepare new antibodies and labelled plant growth regulators, required by our customers.